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HTML5 Practice Quiz

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Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 30 seconds


Worth: 10% of your final grade. There are eight questions in this closed-book quiz, worth a total of 22 marks.

Time: You have 15 minutes to complete this quiz.

Note: Code written must be valid and work in order to achieve full marks.

For full recreation of quiz conditions, it is suggested that you print out this page and write your answers on the page. The quiz key will print out separately.

Question 1

Write the correct DOCTYPE for an HTML5 page. (2 marks)

Question 2

Write a form text input that will be required to be filled out by a user before they can submit the form in an HTML5-compatible browser. (Only the input markup is required) (2 marks)

Question 3

Name three form input types that are new and exclusive to HTML5 (1 mark for each correct answer, for a total of three marks).

Question 4

The words “next Saturday” in the body copy sentence “I’ll see you next Saturday” should be marked up with what HTML5 tag? (2 marks)

Question 5

Rather than traditional descriptive meta tags in the <head>, HTML5 works best with (circle one, for one mark).

  1. Microdata
  2. Metaformats
  3. Microformats
  4. RDF
  5. <link />
  6. a, d & c
  7. a & c

Question 6

Write a valid link to a stylesheet using the minimal amount of HTML5 possible. (2 marks)

Question 7

What is wrong with the following code? (You can assume that the rest of the page is correct). (2 marks)

<header>Umbrella Corporation</header>
<p>Article content</p>

Question 8

Name two codecs supported by browsers for the HTML5 <video> or <audio> tag. (2 marks each, for a total of 4 marks)


Question 1

<!DOCTYPE html> more info

Question 2

<input type=”text” name=”firstname” id=”firstname” required> more info

Question 3

color, number, tel, url, search more info

Question 4

time more info

Question 5


Question 6

<link rel=stylesheet href=styles.css> more info

Question 7

No such tag as <sidebar>; <aside> should be used instead. more info

Question 8

OGG, H264, VP8 more info

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