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Four Useful CSS Prettifiers

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Code “prettifiers” are the opposite to “minifies”. The latter are applications that compress web site code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to the smallest possible size by removing spaces, line breaks, and comments. A smaller file size means faster loading times for web pages; every saved byte makes a difference. You’ll find minified code used by most high-traffic websites (view the source code of the Google home page for an example) and frameworks; some CMS’s also minify code by default.

While completely readable by machines, minified code causes headaches when interpreted by human beings; thus, prettifiers, or “beautifiers”, convert the code back into a human-readable format.

ProCSSorProCSSor takes CSS code (either directly via copy-and-paste, as a file upload, or a URL) and cleans it up according to rules you determine; the default ruleset works well for most code you’ll encounter.

StyleneatStyleneat is similar to ProCSSor, with fewer rules but the ability to sort the converted CSS code alphabetically by selector and/or property.

Code beautifierCode beautifier is an online tool based on the venerable CSSTidy application, with the added option to compress and optimize the code at the same time; converted code can be given a balance between readability and file size.

SyntacletSyntaclet is a bookmarklet application for your browser which recognizes a wider variety of languages. The app is intended to do on-screen conversions of poorly-formatted code examples on web pages.

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