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CSSslidy: an auto-generated #RWD image slider. 1.5K of JS, no JQuery. Drop in images, add a line of CSS. Done.

tipster.ioAutomatically provides local tipping customs and percentages for services anywhere.

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2014 Best in Class, Part 1

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Estimated reading time: 1 minute

My current 1st year web development classes are shaping up to be the most talented group I’ve had in several years. Shown above is a personal selection of the best from the A group, with a best-of-B-group article to follow next week.

Photograph of a spotlight at Devil's Tower, Utah

Web Developer Reading List: Search Engine Optimization

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Estimated reading time: 1 minute

People want to believe that there is some sort of magical incantation that can raise the search engine rank of their sites. Like the medieval indulgences, penitents are willing to pay for the intercession of search engine optimization experts. In most cases, better Google results can be achieved by content creators with just two steps, without needing to pay for any extra services:

Tintin rocketship

Animating Elements In Arcs, Circles and Ellipses With CSS

css / animation

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 21 seconds

is most often created between two points: from and to a state, or between position A and B. Moving elements in arcs, ellipses and circles is less frequently used, but it’s a very valuable thing to know.

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